Just Found This: We Walk / by Conor Edwards

Cleaning up my desktop, I just found this.  I reread it and hey, it still applies sometimes so here it is:

The majority of our daily lives, we walk through life with senses assaulted. Our ears pealed to the sounds of street noises accompanied with the blatting of lawn mowers or snow blowers. If we are fortunate, and usually it occurs on a rare occasion, the sounds of the nature lull us through our day.  The touch of fabric, another being, and even the steering wheel beneath our fingers is taken for granted, not even felt.  Smells, I’ll grant you are hard to ignore. At least when it is stinky, an action is usually taken, but what happens when it is not? Taste, well that sometimes becomes an auto function. We tend not to take the time to savior, unless of course you allow yourself the pleasure and the advantage of time. Then there are the visual cues of life. We walk through life not seeing, just reacting in a rote way to our surroundings. Not good. Ignoring the senses and living in a robotic way is not good.

Have the best day and really own it!