29.25" x33" x 9.5"

beads / bottle tops / cork / dowel rods / misc. plastic pieces / paint / pigment / pins / spools / stains / styrofoam/ wire / wood

The idea for Diva came to me while attending Kathleen Battle’s performance at Orchestra Hall in Detroit, MI. The patterning of the instruments, the location of the choral group, soloist and conductor all helped to bring a sense of excitement to the environment. It was this synergy between visual and aural that inspired me to translate it into a sculpture.

This piece was exciting to make! The intersections of black and white mixed in with the natural stains creates a really nice dynamic pattern which kicks in with the curve of the piece. The play of reds and blues, the golds mellowing out and allowing your eye to circle…. It’s all good. This piece took time to execute but was more than gratifying at it’s finish. 

Price available upon request.