113” x  93”

It was a glorious experience to work on this scale. On every level it proved to be a challenge. It has been my experience that each sculpture I create has its engineering issues; some are easily resolved, others take far more time and discussion to work out.  This piece fell into the latter. The piece had two duties, the primary one to be an exciting visual piece of art and the secondary one was to conceal and function within itself as four operating doors - form and function walked hand in hand as equals. 

The viewer had to perceive one unbroken entity, yet this is a structure that splits off and opens into four functioning doors. The doors had to open without interference, that in itself  created some restriction but the decision on what to use and how to place the knobs while maintaining the integrity of the piece was quite another.

In the end, I am nothing but thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to get my hands on another!