My sculptures, at first glance may seem decorative – basic, fundamental. But, in fact they deal with the most common denominators in all art- form, weight, color, light and texture. It is no different; in a sense from the way Phillip Pearlstein may relate those objects surrounding his nudes to the figures themselves.

The means by which I achieve and explore these elements are with materials not commonly used. Recycled objects, beads, popsicle sticks, and other found objects may not be materials of common choice; but are, as pertinent to this discussion as any tube of paint slathered on canvas and as appropriate as any metal fighting for it’s line in space.

Their commonality is not unlike Lichtenstein’s use of the comic, Oldenburg’s use of an ice cream or yet again Duchamp /r.mutt and his infamous urinal.


  • BFA College for Creative Studies – major painting; minor ceramics

  • Oakland Community College – studied ceramics under Robert Piepenberg

Product Development

Designed graphic images for various product lines ranging from t- shirts to mugs – products were distributed and sold nationwide at major retail stores: Houze, Arden, IDG, Paper House, the Athletic Supporter

Designed product packaging: Arden Industries

Consulted on product line: Safran Printing

Created, developed and licensed characters: Giselle & Goos’n ;IDG, EJ Collection

Created and developed new products for companies: children’s aprons and kitchen sets, net washer bags: the kids company, Arden Corporation

Detroit Wallpaper Company: Licensed line of wallpaper.


INDA 12 - The 12th Manifest International Drawing Annual
A Juried Annual Publication of Works of Recent Drawing
ISBN: 978-1-940862-23-1


Art Activities

Co-chaired Artist Committee - Art In the Park - Common Ground, Birmingham MI: duties included creating the artists application, jurying, balancing the show within various media, informing artists of status within show and maintaining contact with them, placing artists within their respective booths, physical of laying out show, maintaining artists well being during set-up, the show itself and break down, running artist meetings, dealing with any and all issues regarding artists.

Co-chaired  Art In the Park – Birmingham MI:  duties were the same as enumerated above with the addition of sponsorships, liaison with the city officials, electrical, including auction, food.

Guest Juror - Ann Arbor Art Fair - N2 Productions: produced art fairs: details as explained in prior Art Fairs with the additional duties of dealing with each respective city and or college, unions and or other tenants, evaluate artists for prizes and jury exempt status for the next year.


2018: "Detroit Performs" Detroit Public Television - April 3,2018  2017: "Wall Art" Detroit Jewish News - February 15,2017
2016: "Detroit Performs" Detroit Public Television - November 10
2013: "Artistic Synergy" Detroit Jewish News - June 20, 2013


etched glass room divider
outdoor deck railing

Past Exhibitions

One Person Show

2019: Side Gallery - Janice Charach Gallery - W. Bloomfield, MI

Two Person Shows

2019: Assemblage: A Next:Space Collaboration - Next:Space - Ferndale, MI
2016: Connections: bits & pieces - Janice Charach Gallery - W. Bloomfield, MI
2012: Tank425 – Hazel Park, MI 

Group Shows

2019: The Affordable Art Fair - New York, New York
2019: Camera USA - von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL
2019: Chiaroscuro - Next:Space - Ferndale, MI
2018: 90th Regional Exhibition - Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI
2018: Michigan Fine Arts Competition - Birmingham, MI
2018: Camera USA - von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL                                                                                                                                  2018: Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition - Marshall Fredericks Museum,Saginaw,MI
2018: Electron Salon - LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) - Los Angeles, CA
2018: CCS Alumni Exhibition - Detroit, MI
2017: Michigan Annual XLIV - Anton Art Center - Mt. Clemens, MI
2016: Biennial – Museum of New Art – Armada, MI
2016: Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition - Marshall Fredericks Museum, Saginaw, MI
2016: Michigan Fine Arts Competition - BBAC - Birmingham, MI
2016: Camera USA - von Liebig Art Center - Naples, FL
2016: CCS Alumni Show - Detroit, MI
2016: Electron Salon - LACADA - Los Angeles, CA
2015:The Next Big Thing – Museum of New Art – Troy, MI
2015: Buckham Gallery – Flint, MI
2015: ReView/CCS Alumni Exhibition – Detroit, MI
2015: Responding to Chaos – Rackham Bldg. – River Gallery – Ann Arbor, MI
2015: Gastronomy – Healdsberg Art Center – Healdsberg, CA
2014: Michigan Annual XLII – Anton Art Center – Mt.Clemens, MI * second place
2014: International Competition - Boxheart Gallery – Pittsburgh, PA– Saginaw, MI
2014: Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition – Marshall Fredericks Museum, Saginaw, MI
2014: Blooms, Bugs & Beasts – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI
2014: Michigan Fine Arts Competition – BBAC – Birmingham, MI
2014: Silver Medal Exhibition – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI *Honorable Mention Award
2014: 13th Annual Inter/National Exhibition – Box Heart Gallery – Pittsburgh, PA
2013: Electron Salon – LACADA – LA, CA
2013: Global Colors – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI
2013: Edge DAM – Detroit, MI
2012: 99th Gold Medal Exhibition – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI
2012: Now Wow – Hudson Gallery – Sylvania, OH
2012: Aliment – Anton Art Center – Mt. Clemens, MI
2012: Mixed Up – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI
2012: Buckham Gallery – Flint, MI
2012: CCS Alumni Exhibition, Detroit, MI
2012: Michigan Fine Arts Competition - Birmingham, MI
2012: Treasures – Women’s Historical Museum – Lansing, MI
2012: Silver Medallion Show – Scarab Club – Detroit, MI
2011: Michigan Photography Competition – Lowell Arts – Lowell, MI
2011: Michigan All Area Competition – Studio 23/Arts Center – Bay City, MI
2011: Electron Salon – LA Center for Digital Art – LA, California
2011: Blooms, Bugs, and Beasts – Scarab Club – Detroit , MI
2011: Flowers, Trees, Birds, Bees: Nature Explored -  PhotoPlace Gallery – Middlebury, VT
2011: Small(er) Show – Detroit Artists Market – Detroit, MI
2011: Signatures- Berkowitz Gallery – U of M Dearborn- Dearborn, MI
2011: 20th Retrospective Show – Janice Charach Gallery- W. Bloomfield, MI
2010: Chroma Show- BBAC – Birmingham, MI
2010: The GreenShow - Janice Charach Gallery – W. Bloomfield, MI
2010: Under the Watchful Eye:The Chamsah Project - Janice Charach Gallery –  W. Bloomfield, MI
2009: Anton Art Center- “Mailed 2.0” – Mt. Clemens, MI
2008: C-POP ORTUNITY Show – Detroit MI