A Fall Walk by Allen Einstein

This past week, I had the pleasure of taking a few days off and wandering around northern Michigan. We decided to go to the Art Legacy Walk at Crystal Mountain. This was/is what it is all about - being able to walk and kick at leaves all the while viewing some good sculpture.

Life is good.

More later,


Never Mind by Conor Edwards


You may have noticed that there are no more weekly specials. This is due to the fact that I was told (by more than a few people) that it sounded like this site was a restaurant or a grocery store.  While I certainly love to eat, I capitulated and couldn’t come up with a better term than …. features. 

So it goes.

Favorites? by Conor Edwards

For my new website, I was recently asked to delineate a few of my favorite pieces. And I had a hard time of it.  I enjoy all of my pieces on varying levels because they each, in their own way, taught me something: about themselves, about the art, about engineering, about looking and perhaps most importantly about thinking. I find it a difficult task, made harder by the fact that I may see something new every time I review them to fulfill the goal in this process.

Perhaps it is the word favorite. Maybe that is the restrictor here. The implication is the best, precious, something to cling to, favored. What if instead of favored there was a list of Today’s Specials? Or given my lack of propensity for writing often- Weekly Specials. What do you think?

Let me know,


Come & See by Conor Edwards

K, I know your not surprised, but, I just fall off the deep end when it comes to writing this blog o” mine. 

I’m able to take a break from the studio after a big final push for my show with Jay Knapp. The show opens August 28th at the Janice Charach Gallery in W. Bloomfield , Mi  Should be a great, interesting one.  If you are in the area, stop by and check it out.

Being able to shut down the studio this week after delivering the pieces has been kinda great. I can clean it out and reorganize, get to all the things I pushed aside in order to keep the beat going and work. But most of all- I get to refresh. Important! 

Try & make the show


I Forgot by Conor Edwards

Hey, I forgot to tell you – GREAT NEWS!!!

A couple of weeks ago, a new line of wallpaper I designed in collaboration with Detroit Wallpaper was introduced. There are nine designs with 4 different colorways for each.  Three are based on sculptures, six are based on photographs that Allen and I create. They are incredible!!!(If I do say so modestly myself)

Working with the team at Detroit Wallpaper has been a great experience and I look forward to a wonderful partnership with them. Check it out when you get a chance.



More Space Hooray!!! by Conor Edwards

August 24,2015

I broke down a wall or two to add space in the studio. Added more shelving and a sink that works beautifully. There is plenty of dancing room now!!! I’m lucky and happy !!! What a combination! But, hey still built a piece that fits between the floorboards but needs a hole cut into the ceiling to fit …ahhhh well , you can’t have everything.

So it Goes,


A Good Thing by Conor Edwards

So, this past weekend “Diva” won an award! She came in second place at the Anton Centers “Michigan LXII”. It was pretty exciting and I must say I really loved it! It was a bonus prize. Not only was she accepted into the show but she received further acknowledgement by coming in second place!

Sweet – I’ll take it.

Talk to you later,


A Toast by Conor Edwards

A new year bringing: new snow, fresh thoughts, new starts, continuity and the marvels of technology coupled with the familiarity of the old and the wisdom of knowledge.

New pieces dancing in my head, sometimes wishing I could wake up and they would present themselves on a table in the studio.  Art, magically formed, created and induced in the semi conscious state of slumber, fabricated by elves in my sleep. Sweet thought eh?

A toast to the New Year!!! To all the triumphs and possibilities, learning curves, but most of all to life! Enjoy!

Talk to you later,